Over the past 50 years, Scollon Mascots and Costume Characters has managed literally thousands of high-profile, crowd-pleasing appearances in every state, on cruise ships and around the world. Scollon's highly experienced event mangers handle on-site management of appearances on a daily basis for movie studios, kid's TV networks, product licensors and more! 

Professional On-Site Talent Management... Anywhere, Anytime

Banana Splits

Made with pride in the USA since 1968!


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Banana Splits, Shriner Circus, 1970

"Your expert team consistently rises to the challenges we put before you utilizing the best fabrication technology available. You even figured out how to create a costume shop on a cruise ship... Above all, you make the work fun and enjoyable. Scollon will continue to be a valuable part of Nick and everything we do."     

​                             - John P., Sr. Vice President, Nickelodeon