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Concept to Creation: Disney's "Rufus the Naked Mole Rat"

Client Artwork               Scollon Maquette     Foam Construction     Final Product

     It's not uncommon for customers to come to us with horror stories about working with another mascot company. Many times the costume turned out too heavy, too fragile or didn't look like the art. 
     You won't have that experience with Scollon Mascots and Costume Characters. Why? Because before going into the business of making costumes for sale, we spent years on the road touring licensed character stage shows like The Banana Splits, Yogi Bear, and The Flintstones. This experience taught us what it took to make a practical, durable and great looking costume. Once we committed ourselves to costume construction, we developed the Scollon Method of costume construction that continues to set industry standards. We lead the way by constantly experimenting with new materials and manufacturing techniques. 

Free character design!

Our artists create costumes that look the way they're supposed ​to look!

"Thank you so much! Same Day Sam is a hit! I've had so many companies compliment him and ask where he came from. Of course, I rave about Scollon! "

​- Debbie B. 


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